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 Consultancy, special products development, and manufacture 


Design of circuits, systems, printed circuit artwork, and engineering  reports. Manufacture of special equipment, installation, testing, and commissioning.

The examples following show just a few of our design and consultancy projects.


 Engineering projects

Design and installation of variable speed drives, using induction and stepper motors, and programmable controller, for manufacture of plastic fibres

 Small current and voltage driven interface circuits for transducers


 Monitoring of buildings

Control panels to use smoke detectors, ventilation dampers, and extraction dampers, to  protect the access towers of a large building

 Control panel for monitoring low level of pressurisation in a store for radioactive materials


 Nuclear equipment

 Controls for remotely controlled demolition tool to operate on a radioactive chimney

 Controls for remotely operated crane to operate in irradiated tunnels



Our consultancy work allowed the output of a client's underwater electric motor to be increased by 50% to over 70kW

 Diver operated switches to operate access doors in support legs of oil rig


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Home page      Standard products